Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What it's not

I read a lot of food blogs, and this is not like most those. What we eat isn't exotic, ultra healthy, vegan, gluten free, or themed. I'm not a chef and I've never cooked in a restaurant.  My only cooking experience before I was married was a batch of microwave chocolate chip cookies in the 8th grade.  

What I cook is just real family food, hence the title of Our Everyday Dinners. We live in Northwest Arkansas, the home of Wal Mart, and we don't have many grocery store options. Driving across town to the natural foods market just to spend more money on organic ingredients is not something I really have time to do (having 3 kids and all). So I make healthy choices from what I can find at Wal Mart, based on our likes and what our kids might eat. Oh, and by the way, on any given night, one child will hate the dinner. Just being real, here. 

Unless the food is dessert, and then my children clean their plates! Mommy's little piggy.  Name that movie.