Monday, January 10, 2011

This is Us

About a year ago, out of desperation, I came up with some dinner strategies to help make my life less crazy from 4-6pm (some moms I know call that time "happy hour", but not me, of course). Then, I started blogging our menus for myself, and I noticed how much healthier we were eating because I was planning our dinners. And then, I realized my grocery bill was shrinking, too. That made us all happy!

I mentioned my menus and "rules" to a few friends, and several girls wanted me to write it down for them. So I'm going to post our weekly menus over the weekend, and then update our dinner each day of the week including brief recipes, and my not-very-good pictures. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to cook real food for your family (no frozen dinners or cream of anything soup!) and I'll be more creative in my meal planning.

Hope you enjoy the blog!

This is my family. Me, John, Alpha age 7, Beta age 5, and the baby age 3. And our attempts at a family picture always go like this...someone is making a silly face. This time it was Beta.