Thursday, April 21, 2011


Ok, this isn't dinner, but it's a super cute craft we made for our teachers today.  I'm not at all crafty, I don't scrapbook, my glue stick is dried up, and I don't even own a glue gun.  However,  I'll occasionally do a food craft for a gift.  This craft took about 10 minutes (which is extremely fast for the craft-impaired) and cost only $5 to make them for 5 teachers.

It is, of course, not my idea.  My brilliant friend introduced me to it, and she got the idea from here, where you can find detailed instructions.  Beta helped me (by eating the leftover peeps while I was cutting and taping) and Alpha is so excited to give one to her teacher tomorrow.   She has such a wonderful teacher this year!! The baby squeezed the ones for his teachers, but they are so seasoned teaching 3 year olds that they'll expect it and think it's cute, too.